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Customer Service Skills Builds Loyalty

Now more than ever, all customers have become broadcasters and journalists due to social media and blogging. That's why exceptional customer service skills builds loyalty and your business. Your customer service representatives need to have help building great skills.

It's no longer enough to simply satisfy your customers – that is just the price of admission for doing business. You need to think beyond that baseline to provide first-rate customer service to get those stories of how happy people are with your products and services.

Customer service key skills include:

  • Using positive language and never saying "No"
  • Personalizing the service experience since one – size does not fit all
  • Meeting customers where they are and providing what they want

3 Highly Effective Customer Service Training Programs

Laurie's customer service skills programs hit the mark with engaging content, humor and strong interaction to train and inspire your team. Develop your teams customer service skills to build your business and earn your customer's loyalty.

1. Customer Service Excellence: From Good to Great
Treat your customers in a way that makes them want to do business with you now and for years to come. Whether you think of them as clients, guests, members, patrons, or patients, you want to create an experience that delights. Learn telephone skills, the best ways to greet people, and methods to handle difficult customers. Discover customer service tips to provide outstanding service to stand out from your competitors.

2. Public Sector Customer Service: Great Customer Service Still Matters
Even though you may think great service isn't important to Public Sector customers (or citizens) because you don't work within a competitive environment, think again. Great customer service skills are vital for good government too. Learn how to greet customers, deal with difficult situations and provide exceptional service every day.

3. Automotive Customer Service: Driving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Buying or servicing your vehicle from anywhere in the country is easier than ever which is why excellent customer service is no longer optional. To create loyal customers, you need to wow people and treat them like gold.

Whether you are in sales or fixed operations, how your staff treats customers will directly impact your bottom line. Spending a fortune on advertising may only get people through the door. Encouraging customers to make a purchase and a build a lasting relationship depends on how your staff treats them.

"Thank you so much for helping make our management training session such a success! I have received a lot of feedback from the team and have to say it was our best in memory. Today I can see the extra "jump" in the step of our managers who left feeling listened to. You ENGAGED them and that made a world of difference between a meeting and a productive work session. We left with a working mission statement and a focus on how to make it "come to life" and for your assistance I sincerely thank you, again."
— Alan Graham, General Manager, World of Erhard

4. Library Customer Service: Changing Needs, Changing Service
Libraries have gone through a great deal of changes. Communities have started using libraries for more than just borrowing books.

When there are new customers, with new needs, you need to change how you provide service to them.

5. Law Firm Customer Service:Every Touchpoint Counts
Law firm clients seem to be getting more difficult. Learn how to make doing business with you easier.

6. Health Care Customer Service: Clear Communication is Key
Providing exceptional patient care you need to provide exceptional communication to the patient and their families.

Hire Laurie Brown for Engaging Programs to Improve Customer Service Skills

Choose Laurie for customer service courses to train your team. Learn how to provide exceptional service to build lasting relationships and loyalty. Her programs are ideal for in-house training or breakout sessions at your next event or conference.

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