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  • Laurie Brown, author and communications coach

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Customer Service Skills Guides

Customer Service Skills Builds Loyalty

Now more than ever, all customers have become broadcasters and journalists due to social media and blogging. That's why exceptional customer service skills builds loyalty and your business. Your customer service representatives need to have help building great skills.

Good Customer Service Tips that Help You Surpass the Competition

Good customer service tips are a must for your employees to build good rapport and relationships. That's because now more than ever, your customers have tremendous power as they often broadcast their experiences—both good and bad—to thousands of people through social media. If you want rave reviews to stand out from your competition, it starts with the customer service experience. So, it better be excellent.

Improving Customer Service Positively Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your customers have the power to rave about you or boldly complain on Facebook, Twitter, etc. How will your company fare? Is it time for improving the customer service experience you provide? When your team knows how to deliver exceptional service, your business grows. Give your employees and managers the training they need to exceed customer expectations and stand out from your competition.

The Best Customer Service Courses Build Loyalty and Business

Laurie Brown's customer service courses deliver the results you need to retain customers and grow your business. Today, keeping your customers satisfied is not enough – they have to love the customer experience so they share it with friends on social media. Never underestimate the enormous power of story-telling and how your customers' comments about your company can impact your bottom line either way. Customer service courses will build loyalty.

Top Customer Service Skills List Your Employees Must Master

If you are looking for an essential customer service skills list, you found it! When your team only manages to satisfy customers, you are behind the eight ball because that is not nearly enough to succeed.