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Meeting Facilitation Workshop

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Meeting Facilitation Workshop

If you are like most people, you probably spend way too much time in meetings. For middle managers and above, the average time spent in meetings ranges from 35% to 50% of each work day. Beyond just the time spent in meetings, you need to consider whether that time is well spent. Many meetings can be better run, and as a result, a more valuable use of time for participants. In this meeting facilitation workshop, we will cover how you can make your meetings more effective, more productive and more efficient.

If your team could benefit from meeting facilitation training, read below:

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for Meeting Facilitation Training.

This program is ideally suited for employees and leadership.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the benefits of more effective and efficient meetings
  • Determine what makes a meeting effective or ineffective
  • Recognize the importance of planning using the "8 Ps"
  • Understand how to use an agenda for more constructive meetings
  • Learn how to send a meeting invitation so that participants come better prepared
  • Demonstrate listening and questioning techniques
  • Apply rules of conduct to set norms of behavior
  • Learn how to handle difficult meeting attendees
  • Demonstrate how to have more effective virtual meetings
  • Discuss how participants can help keep things on track and positively impact meetings

We will customize this program or coaching session to address your wants and needs.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for
Meeting Facilitation Training.

"We've had the pleasure of working with Laurie on three separate occasions – Presentation Skills, Persuasive Communication and Meeting Facilitation. Each time, she brought a passion for the subject and helped bridge some fundamental gaps in our organization. On top of the positive results, she is a joy to work with and has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Laurie for your communication training needs."


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