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Law Firm Customer Service Workshop

Every Touchpoint Counts

Law Firm Customer Service Workshop

As a law firm, you understand how demanding and difficult clients can be. In this workshop, we will help you learn to provide the kind of exceptional experiences that will turn clients into your best source of new and continuing business.

Every touchpoint—each time a client interacts with your firm—gives you the opportunity for them to become more devoted to you—or have them walk away. All of the client touchpoints are the foundation of your brand. We recommend you do an audit of all your client touchpoints.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for Law Firm Customer Service Training.

This program is ideal for attorneys, paralegals, front desk employees, and managers.

Why do you need to improve your customer experience?

If you are receiving complaints about your attorney-client experience it often means that you should look at creating a client-centered approach. 

Clients usually come to you with important and sometimes stressful issues. They need more from your firm than just a positive outcome. They need an experience that shows them they are important and valued.

Your clients can feel angry, frustrated and/or disappointed when lawyers fail to provide exceptional experiences. In fact, every person in your firm will make or break that positive experience.

Even small things like:

  • How they are greeted? (Does your front desk person know the client's name? Do they offer a beverage?)
  • Are fees are explained in a clear way?
  • Are expectations (whether they are unstated or stated) managed effectively?
  • Are calls and emails returned quickly?

Law Firm Customer Service  Workshop Learning Outcomes

  • Create a client service best practices strategy
  • Identify the ways to create long-term relationships with clients
  • Identify what today's clients expect, want and need
  • Explain how to build trust and rapport
  • Demonstrate how to listen effectively
  • Demonstrate specific ways to communicate rules and regulations to your clients
  • Describe methods of communicating bad news
  • Discuss the difficult clients that you typically face and create a game plan for handling them
  • Develop ways to provide the kind of experiences to have your clients become a great source of new business
  • Discuss how to make it easy for your clients to navigate your firm's processes and procedures

We will customize this program or coaching session to address your wants and needs.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for
Law Firm Customer Service Training.

"Laurie's job is to train others on excellent customer service. I knew her training was going to be spot-on when she demonstrated exceptional customer service herself in accepting her appointment to train my team. She delivered her service proposal with clarity, ensured it met my team's specific needs, and delivered it on time. Whether your team's customer service is good or bad, Laurie will teach your team invaluable skills in an engaging and thoughtful manner. "

Mike Stewart, Partner, ATAC Law

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