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Customer Service Training for Government Employees

Great Customer Service Still Matters

Public Sector Customer Service Rep Helping Customers

It's easy to think that providing exceptional customer service isn't important when working in the public sector, but that's rapidly changing. More and more, cities, states, and governmental agencies understand the benefits of providing excellent customer service training for government employees just like the kind of training people receive in the private sector. This highly valued new approach to Public Sector Customer Service was made clear to me when I was recently hired to work with government employees from the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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This program is ideal for public sector employees and managers.

Learning Outcomes

Because every government agency is unique, every solution needs to be unique as well. Here are some of the outcomes we could focus on:

  • Demonstrate specific ways to communicate rules and regulations
  • Create lasting relationships
  • Describe methods of communicating bad news
  • Demonstrate how to deal with difficult customers
  • Develop ways to go above and beyond
  • Discuss how to make it easy for your customer to navigate through your organization
  • Review how to keep a good attitude on a bad day

We will customize this program or coaching session to address your wants and needs.

In today's tech-driven, automated work environment it is more important than ever to deliver productive, clear, and effective customer service. Improving customer service in the government has been a popular topic for years, and many institutions are realizing customer service training for government employees is crucial for the success of all government positions.

Whether you are working with customers externally or collaborating with other employees internally, delivering stellar customer service will help you build trust and solve problems faster. This means being kind, helpful, respectful, and acting like true public servants.

Ultimately, public sector training courses will help you build customer loyalty, improve your public image, increase workforce productivity, and be the government champion customers partner with. 

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Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for
Public Sector Customer Service Training.

"Laurie did a great job at engaging the audience in every capacity. The participants in the program thought she was engaging, accessible, entertaining, energetic and most importantly knowledgeable. She provided excellent communication information while keeping the program light, fun and interesting. One participant even went to say, 'Look for speakers like Laurie, I can't say that enough."

NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officials)

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