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Training from the Back of the Room Virtual Edition

Training from the Back of the Room, Virtual Edition Class

Take your virtual training to the next level with Training from the BACK of the Room Virtual Edition.

Experience has shown us all that running virtual training in the same format as in-person courses does not bring the best out of learners or you as a trainer. The TBR Virtual Edition has been developed using brain-based principles of learning and will give you the tools to effectively engage your learners in the virtual environment.

You will take away a toolkit of ideas and activities optimized for virtual learning, and a powerful instructional design methodology which puts the focus on the learner at every stage. These tools will empower you to create more interactive, engaging, learner-centered training, and to leverage the advantages of learning in a virtual medium.

The TBR Virtual Edition is a must for any online trainer or training designer.

Virtual Edition (TBR-VE) Class

In this practical and interactive virtual class, you'll explore the current "cognitive neuroscience" that explains how ALL humans learn. You'll discover 6 specific brain-science principles and a 4-step instructional design model that you can use in your own virtual teaching and training. And you'll leave with dozens of new ideas, activities, resources, and a new "Gold Standard" for virtual instruction and learning.

After your active participation in the TBR-VE Class, you will be able to:

  1. Apply 6 brain-science principles based on current research every time you deliver virtual training, regardless of the complexity of the topic, size of group, or level of learners.
  2. Use the 4Cs Map as a training design and delivery model for brain-based virtual instruction.
  3. Create virtual training sessions that combine your own topic and materials with the brain-based concepts and strategies from the class and demonstrate how to leverage the strengths of virtual learning environments.
  4. Explain to colleagues your understanding of cognitive science as it applies to learning, training and memory in both virtual and face-to-face environments.
  5. Choose from dozens of virtual brain-based learning activities for all topics.
  6. Become an active member of the TBR-VE Class Group and share your own expertise about brain-based virtual instruction and learning.

To attend the TBR-VE Class, you will need:

  1. The book "Training from the BACK of the Room" in either digital or paperback format. The book is available for purchase on 
  2. A computer (desktop or laptop; the class is NOT designed for digital tablet or cell phone).
  3. Live-streaming camera capability.
  4. Adequate sound system (test it with a friend – oftentimes a computer speaker/microphone can be tinny-sounding and you may need to purchase an economical, external speaker/microphone).
  5. A basic familiarity with the software platforms that will be used to deliver the class: Mural and Zoom. If these apps are new to you, please consider viewing one of the free introductory tutorials on YouTube. Or set up your own free account for each app and "play" with its features until you get a sense of how it works.

Class Information

  • Duration: 5 sessions of 2.5 hours each spaced over 9 days 
  • Maximum Class size: Each class is capped at 12 attendees to ensure maximum engagement.
  • Public Courses Available: Live Virtual Delivery Only
  • Private Courses Available: Yes
  • Language: English
  • Payment Options: Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo or by Invoice
  • Contact:
  • What's included:
    • PDF Workbook

"I was unaware of the Training from the Back of the Room process before taking this training. Experiencing the process and methods while learning about TBR and using it during the training was very effective. With just 4Cs and 7 Trumps, TBR-VE offers a great variety of tools and techniques that designers can use to make training — whether in person or virtual — highly engaging and very effective."

Instructional Designer

Training from the BACK of the Room