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Laurie's Presentations are Empowering,
Engaging and Energizing

Definitely NOT a believer in lecture-style keynote, Laurie engages from the moment she meets your audience. She is masterful when it comes to getting audiences to share best practices, ideas and experiences. To that mix add a blend of Laurie's oh-so-relevant stories, her quick wit, and her ability to create a fun atmosphere for learning and turning attitudes into action — and you have a recipe for the best event ever.

Listening with Purpose, Communicating with Impact

In this highly interactive and fun session, Laurie Brown will provide tools and techniques to help you build rapport, trust, and dynamic listening skills to become an effective communicator.

You Made a Mistake, But Now
I'm Your Biggest Fan

Instead of thinking of mistakes as the end of your relationship with your valued customers, think of them as opportunities. Learn how to turn them to your advantage. Studies have shown that a quick and effective resolution to a customer's problem will create a more loyal customer than if the entire experience went smoothly.

Power Your Hour: Making Your Meetings Matter

You probably spend way too much time in meetings. In fact, for middle managers and above, the average time spent in meetings ranges from 35% to 50% of each work day! So, beyond the amount time spent in meetings, you need to consider whether the time is well spent. Clearly, running better meetings — and making them a more valuable use of everyone's time — is more important than ever.

Why Are You So Hard to Talk to?

In this highly interactive keynote we will look into four common communication styles (preferences) and why some people are more challenging to communicate with than others.

Are They Snoring in the Back Row?

In the business world, you need to deliver your message effectively by creating a dynamic, high-impact business presentation. Learn techniques to connect with your audience and keep them engaged with you and your message.