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  • Laurie Brown, author of books about communications, customer relations, and giving presentations

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The Greet Your Customer Manual

The Greet Your Customer Manual by Laurie Brown

Although surely simple, how you greet (or do not greet) your customer has a lasting impact on whether they continue to do business with you.

A recent online poll asked, "Have you ever stopped doing business with a company because of how you were greeted, either in person or on the phone?" 77.9% of respondents answered yes! Clearly, how you greet your customer really matters.

Customer service expert, Laurie Brown, and her contributors take you through a comprehensive look at greeting in person, on the phone, through email and on the web. Included are detailed chapters on greeting multi-cultural customers, and customers with disabilities. Now readers can learn all the tips and techniques needed to begin the relationship with their customer in an engaging and effective manner.


The Teleprompter Manual

The Teleprompter Manual

The definitive guide for executives, politicians, broadcasters & speakers. This manual contains everything you need to know to be natural, confident and powerful when addressing any size audience, anytime, anywhere while using the teleprompter.

It provides an easy to read step-by-step program for planning and delivering a successful, natural looking performance. After explaining the history of this groundbreaking machine, Brown walks the reader through the steps of choosing the right equipment, finding an operator, rehearsing the speech and actually giving a presentation. It also includes highly useful tips for any type of presentation.


Brand Aid

Brand Aid book

Everything you do communicates a message about who you are. How you look, how you communicate, what you do, what you know and how you reach out, has an impact on how you are perceived and how easily you can persuade someone to do what you want them to do. This booklet will help you decide how you want to be perceived by others.

Use this booklet to learn:

  • What is a personal brand
  • How you can harness the power of your brand
  • The five elements of a brand

This easy to use booklet will guide you through creating and living the kind of brand that will set you apart and get you noticed.