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David Rock's NeuroLeadership Results Coaching Delivers Results

Results Coaching

Are You as Effective as You Need to Be?
Would a Business Coach Help?

In 2023, your ability to accomplish your goals is an essential component of your success, no matter your title. Hiring a business coach can take you to new levels.

David Rock's Results Coaching focuses on growing your ability to transform your thinking, gain insight and move toward positive change.

As a business coach I understand that the process for growth is never one size fits all. The coaching methodology needs to allow you to discover what you and your business needs. Hiring a coach will allow you to leverage your individual strengths and discover powerful solutions. Training is important and will begin the process of change, while coaching can elevate existing abilities to a new level. Organizations and businesses that understand this have experienced the growth that happens when their people work with coaches.

Call today at (248) 761-7510 and receive a free mini-session to determine fit.

Who can benefit:

Executive Coach

Strong leadership requires a solid vision. It also requires the ability to clearly and persuasively communicate that vision to the people involved so they get on board. Executives who want to grow in their professional and /or personal life use coaches to increase awareness, learn new methods, bring clarity to their communication and to positively impact their business.

Our methodology enhances your ability to lead effectively. This advanced method is based on facilitating positive change by improving your quality of thinking. Results Coaching recognizes that you are the perfect person to define your style, design your plan and create your next steps.

Working with Laurie as your Results Coach will help you get exactly what you need to achieve your specific goals and be a more effective leader. Executive coaching delivers practical outcomes for you and your business.

New Manager Coach

Have you recently been promoted to a management position? As your coach, I will work with you in developing the expertise needed to grow in your role as a successful manager and leader. Programs include communication skills, leadership best practices and motivation techniques. New Manager Coaching helps you find clarity in your new role whether you are working at a small or large business.

High-Potential Coach

Do you have a high-potential employee that is great in one area of their responsibility, and you want to develop in other areas?

Businesses that want to elevate their top employees' talents, hire coaches to help their employees gain the knowledge and insight required to increase their effectiveness. My clients have demonstrated marked improvement in accountability, time management and communication skills. Their business has thrived because their employees worked with a coach.

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Coach

Are you looking to clarify your thinking and fine tune strategies? Discover new ways of thinking, become more effective and move your business from good to great. Hiring a coach can sky rocket your business and provide you the roadmap to success.

Speech Coach

Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable speaking in public? It is absolutely normal to feel nervous when you are about to speak. Having said that, you don't need to let it get in your way. Whether you need to speak at a conference, at a family or social event, or just want to feel more comfortable in meetings, you can become a more confident and capable speaker. You will learn easy ways to build your confidence and become the dynamic speaker you want and need to be.

Teams Dealing with Change Coach

Is your team dealing with change? Professionals can struggle with change and can get lost in this new reality. Businesses are facing change now more than ever. Are you and your team members working in an optimal way? Help your team members improve their communication and performance and become more resilient when dealing with change. Coaching will be customized for your group.

NeuroLeadership Institute's Results Coaching Addresses These Situations

  • Work through a hostile takeover and maintain integrity in a harsh work environment.
  • Convey information and ideas to technicians known for their expertise, but not for their communication skills.
  • Improve employee performance through more effective, laser-focused communication.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Navigate difficult company politics.
  • Advance your career.

Results Coaching Improves Communication Skills

  • Clearly communicate to help people better understand you.
  • Make a good impression in meetings and show up as your best self.
  • Ensure your team is on the same page and is pulling together to achieve goals.
  • Match conversation styles for stronger communication.
  • Think through and plan your messaging to improve delivery and understanding.

What Makes Laurie's Coaching Stand Out?

Laurie received certification from David Rock's NeuroLeadership Institute, an internationally accredited brain-based coaching program. Her coaching is ideal for handling change, improving work-life balance, making solid decisions, and building confidence as a leader. This international accreditation means she is skilled in this methodology.

Advantages of her coaching style include:

  • Creating a safe environment that supports growth, development and new ideas.
  • Having the unique ability to zero in on what's at the core of the problem so solutions flow naturally.
  • Fostering solutions that transform challenges into opportunities.
  • Facilitating conversations that generate deep and profound insights.

Underlying Principles of Results Coaching

There are five core principles that underpin the Results Coaching model:
Self Directed Learning

Self-directed learning

We believe that coachees need to be in the driver's seat of the learning process. However this does not mean a coachee always has all the answers, sometimes a coach provides other useful perspectives or triggers new thinking. The coach's role is to support good process in coaching, the coachee's role is to do the hard thinking.
Solutions focus

Solutions focus

Research indicates that to focus intensely on problems can be counterproductive. Negative hard wiring in the brain is reactivated and strengthened, thereby reducing the ability to see new ways of thinking. The brain creates new circuits based on where attention is focused, so we focus closely on solutions rather than problems.
Positive feedback

Positive feedback

Acknowledgement of progress is the lifeblood of effective coaching and our coaches are skilled in providing this positive reinforcement and helping each coachee to develop the ability to build confidence through self acknowledgement.
Stretch results

Stretch results

Coaching is focused on helping each coachee reach challenging and motivating goals. The coach's role is to stretch the individual to move rapidly and effectively to the achievement of the defined goal, identifying and finding ways around blocks along the way.


Coaching is much easier to do if there is a clearly defined structure behind it. It supports the coach and coachee throughout the process, so that both know exactly what is expected of them at each step of the way.
Laurie's services will impact your corporate and personal life. Whether you are in Michigan or anywhere in the world, we can easily work together.

Call today at (248) 761-7510 and receive a free mini-session to determine fit.

"Laurie was such a quick study of our business and was so helpful to me being new to the President role. She has a keen ability to ask questions that made me think deeper. She also quickly transformed challenges and discussion into solutions and next steps. Laurie was responsive and flexible to meet my schedule and definitely helped me be a better leader among the senior leaders I worked with."

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