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Personal Brand Communications

The ABCs of Selling Yourself

Personal Brand Communication Training
People form opinions of us all the time. We leave clues about who we are with every interaction we have with others. If you think, "I'm not in sales.", think again. Every time you try to persuade anyone of anything, you're selling! More than ever, it is essential that we find ways to make ourselves unique in a crowded, confusing marketplace.

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This course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how they're perceived and to manage that perception to enhance their success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand that your attitude has everything to do with your success
  • Learn the importance of having a good attitude
  • Explore how to maintain a good attitude on a bad day
  • Identify attributes that describe your personal brand
  • Discuss the three elements that contribute to personal brands
  • Explain specific ways one's attitude affects a brand
  • Describe actions you can take to positively enhance your brand's image
  • Create an action plan that only takes 15 minutes a day
  • Discover how to make learning an ongoing part of your life

We will customize this program or coaching session to address your wants and needs.

Presentation Skills Topics

A is for Attitude. Your attitude is a key factor not only in your business success, but also in your personal happiness. In this section you will explore what impacts your attitude and how to manage your attitude even on bad days.
Outcome: Participants will know how important a good attitude is to personal success. They will learn the top 5 ways to have a good attitude even on a bad day.

B is for Brand. Participants will understand that they currently have a personal brand and always have had one.

How Impressions are Formed. Participants will learn about the three channels of communication: body language, tone of voice, and choice of words.

Through discussion and activities, participants will learn how to present themselves as credible and approachable.

Elements of Personal Branding. Corporations understand the importance of branding. In this very competitive marketplace, it is more critical than ever that they differentiate themselves from their competition. Success depends on being visible; standing out and rising above the crowd. Managing their brand allows companies to grab attention and gain a hold on the hearts and minds of their customers. These ideas and practices are applied to personal branding.

How You Look. Whether you like it or not, you are judged on your appearance. The moment you walk into a room, people's mental checklists come into play. Are you well dressed? Check. Is your hairstyle both flattering and contemporary? Check. Do you look well groomed? Check. Do you look successful? Check.

How You Communicate. No matter how positive your physical impression, you have to support it with good communication skills. Have you ever watched a presentation given by someone who is slump-shouldered, can't look you in the eye, and bores you to tears with their lack-luster voice? Don't let that be you.

What You Do. You can promise people the world; but, if you don't follow through, your promises are meaningless. For example, you can assure someone that you make it a practice to always be on time, but if show up late you are sending quite another message. Your actions need to match your words. Though people may not notice when you are punctual, every time you are late you leave a negative impression. The message received is that you regard the person you are meeting as a low priority, whereas showing up on time or a little early, indicates that you consider that person and the time you will be spending with them very important.

What You Know. You probably don't like to appear to be bragging about your accomplishments. No one likes the person who flaunts his or her academic accomplishments and financial successes. However, that's a far cry from sharing the very things that qualify you as an expert on your area of knowledge. If you're asking people to believe that you know what you're doing and to take your advice, you need to tell them why their confidence in you is justified. What makes you qualified will vary with what you're trying to do, sell or teach. Perhaps it is years of experience, a long and/or varied job history, an advanced education or the depth of research you've done. The key is giving your listener the information they need to make an informed decision with confidence.

How You Reach Out. Letter writing is an art. You need to make your communication compelling and effective. Your written communication is an important part of the impression you make so people will also want to do business with you based on what they see on paper.

Although e-mails are intended to be less formal methods of communication than written letters, you still have to be aware of proper e-mail etiquette that includes correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Mistakes in these areas make you look unprofessional or uneducated.

Something as relatively minor as your business card can have a big impact how you are viewed. When you hand someone a tattered card that has writing on the back, you are leaving an impression that you are not prepared to do business.
Outcome: Participants will have a greater sense of the elements that comprise of their personal brand, how to manage their brand, and what may need to be done to enhance it.

C Stands for Constant Improvement. This part of the program takes all that has been learned and puts it into a practical, achievable action plan that includes continual self-improvement.
Outcome: Participants will walk away with a daily action plan for success.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for
Personal Brand Communications Training.

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