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Sharpen Communication Skills to Persuade and Inspire Action

It may come as a surprise, but you cannot multi-task and listen effectively at the same time. Listening is not the only stumbling block for good communication skills. Many managers and presenters are unaware or unwilling to modify their communication style. The trouble is, your preferred way of sharing information is likely not the preferred method for every person you talk to. Learn techniques to sharpen your communication skills so that you persuade and inspire action.

3 Ways to Strengthen Communication Skills

For effective communication in the workplace, there are three key areas to master:

1. Listen Effectively: It's time to improve your ability to listen effectively. To do this, you need to focus on the other person or people. What will work best in order for them to hear what you have to say and take it in? Using the DISC assessment is one way to understand others and get help with modifying your communication style to improve communication.

2. Talk Less: Start listening more and talking less. By giving your audience your full attention and listening to what they have to say and need, you dramatically strengthen your ability to communicate and be heard.

3. Use Positive Language: When you rely on positive, upbeat and encouraging words more often, people are more willing to hear you out. Find more opportunities to say "Yes", and avoid inflammatory language that puts others on the defense, causes ill will and bad feelings.

Powerful Communication Skills Programs

Persuasive Communication

Regardless of your job or type of business, you need to communicate effectively and succinctly with a wide range of people. Understanding your personal communication style and learning how to build rapport are vital. Becoming skilled with active and reflective listening skills, as well as discovering how to rephrase blunt language makes a tremendous difference in your ability to influence others. Compelling business communication skills enable you to be more productive and influential and this is true not only at work, but for all your relationships.

Personal Branding Communication: The ABCs of Selling Yourself

People form an opinion of you very quickly and you provide clues about who you are with every interaction. Discover how your attitude affects your success, how impressions are formed, and the core elements of personal branding. This empowering program is designed to help participants become more successful by learning how to be in control of your own image.

Virtual Communication

Communicating with team members and clients who are not local has become the norm. This requires mastering virtual tools like teleconferencing, video conferencing, and email. To conduct business effectively on a more global level, this program helps you build essential communication skills to convey your message effectively across time zones and cultures.

"When it comes to communicating effectively, you need a person who can relate. Laurie Brown really understands the concepts and her delivery will keep your audience looking for the next nugget."
—ROMMEL MOMEN, Marketing Talent Development Manager, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.

Hire Laurie Brown for First-Rate Communication Skills Training

If your team or executives are ready to communicate more effectively and improve their skills, Laurie's programs get results. Learn to sharpen your communication skills and strengthen your delivery to be more persuasive. Her communication skills workshops are ideal for in-house training or breakout sessions at your next event.

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