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  • Laurie Brown, author and communications coach

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Are you looking for the best Communication Skills Training for 2023?

Welcome to the best communication skills workshops for 2023! Effective communication is more important than ever. Whether you're looking to improve your personal relationships, a business owner seeking to increase employee collaboration, or a professional hoping to excel in your career, our workshops can help you achieve your goals.

Business Communication Skills Are Essential for the Bottom Line

No matter where you are in the organization, relating to peers, bosses or customers, requires effective business communication skills. Strong relationships and business interpersonal skills keep your company moving forward.

How to Improve Communication Skills in the Workplace

To become a great listener, Laurie recommends the LAIR method. Begin by Listening closely. Acknowledge what has been said. Inquire by asking clarifying questions. And last but not least, Respond to ensure you have understood the meaning properly. Using the LAIR method is a proven method for how to improve communication skills.

Learn to Communicate Effectively in the Workplace with Laurie Brown

There is no question that effective communication in the workplace is essential for reaching company goals and achieving success. Learning effective communication skills can change not only how you work together, but also how you work with other departments. The following tips will help you learn to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Running Effective Meetings: Four Tips

You probably spend a considerable amount of time in meetings. These meetings can be hugely valuable or, sadly, a complete waste of your time. Here are four tips for running meetings that are more effective, more efficient and more productive.

Sharpen Communication Skills to Persuade and Inspire Action

It may come as a surprise, but you cannot multi-task and listen effectively at the same time. Listening is not the only stumbling block for good communication skills. Many managers and presenters are unaware or unwilling to modify their communication style. The trouble is, your preferred way of sharing information is likely not the preferred method for every person you talk to. Learn techniques to sharpen your communication skills so that you persuade and inspire action.

What Is Effective Communication?

Many people want to know what effective communication is. The answer involves several elements. Communicating effectively means that your ideas and concepts are being heard and people are acting upon them. It also means you are able to listen, understand, and take action on what other people say. This is the definition of effective communication and how a department, team or company builds success by understanding what needs to be done and doing it!