What Is Effective Communication?

Many people want to know what effective communication is. The answer involves several elements. Communicating effectively means that your ideas and concepts are being heard and people are acting upon them. It also means you are able to listen, understand, and take action on what other people say. This is the definition of effective communication and how a department, team or company builds success by understanding what needs to be done and doing it!

The hard part about business communication is that people often don’t know they are not conversing clearly. If you ask, most people will tell you they are very good at communicating. However misunderstandings are common. So, you need to identify and eliminate possible bad habits that will help you better connect with others and convey your meaning.

What is Effective Communication Today?

Good communication today is more difficult than in the past. There are so many more ways to connect, you would think getting your point across would be easier, but that is not the case. With texting, email, instant messaging, faxing, cellular and land line phones, the options are overwhelming. To keep up with and respond to so many sources complicates the process. In addition, the habit of multi-tasking has completely derailed good listening skills as people pay attention far less while trying to do more than one thing.

Characteristics of Effective Communication

The solution is counterintuitive because the communication process needs to be streamlined. When you think about it, people don’t know what they don’t know about communicating. That is exactly the reason to hire Laurie Brown and have her train your team. Improved communication leads to a variety of positive outcomes such as greater efficiency, more completed projects, and better relationships. Good listening ensures departments work well internally and with other departments as well.

“I cannot tell you how thankful I am that you came to be the person we chose to conduct our staff training, throughout the years, we’ve provided professional development opportunities to our caregivers. Your presentation is, by far, the best we have experienced! You utilize all of your strengths in the presentation— your humor, compassion and vision are what make you so successful in what you do!”
—TAMMY KARMON, The Curious Kids Program

Hire Laurie Brown for Effective Communication Tips and Training

The importance of effective communication is undeniable. If your team needs to communicate better, work with Laurie to facilitate proven training to improve how your employees relate to each other. Her programs interactive and packed with superb content to get your people engaged. She adds just the right amount of humor to keep the team energized and focused. Laurie’s program for effective communication in the workplace is perfect for breakout sessions or in-house training.

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Presentation Skills Training in Michigan and Beyond | Ferndale, Michigan

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