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Business Communication Skills Are Essential for the Bottom Line

No matter where you are in the organization, relating to peers, bosses or customers, requires effective business communication skills. Strong relationships and business interpersonal skills keep your company moving forward.

Laurie Brown focuses on improving communication and shares the LAIR method. Your team will learn to use these four steps listed below so they work together with greater ease and understand each other better.

  1. Listen – Take time to fully listen to someone before formulating your response. People are often in a hurry, and Laurie demonstrates how effective business communication skills are improved by eliminating the need to have to repeat information.
    Today, many people multi-task, and this definitely has an impact on their ability to listen, retain and understand information. Without good listening skills it's easy to misunderstand the message.
  2. Acknowledge – Slow down the communication process to acknowledge the person you are speaking with. This is an important step that lets the other person know you have heard them. Often this is what people want more than anything – just to be heard.
  3. Inquire – Ask clarifying questions to make sure you understand what is being said. When you inquire about the subject matter, you are more engaged rather than just coming up with your own response. This also minimizes interpretation can interfere with the meaning of the message.
  4. Respond – The final piece is providing your response. If you follow the first three steps, the response piece will go much more smoothly. This is also vital for providing feedback and will make it easier to convey your message and be sure it's understood.

Matching Communication Styles

Laurie incorporates DISC in her business communication skills training to help individuals modify their delivery. One of the most effective ways to build rapport is to adjust your speaking style to be more like the person with whom you are talking. For example, if the other person speaks quickly, you want to speed up too. When you can adjust your style to be similar to others, you are more likely to build strong relationships with good communication. This makes a big difference for your business leaderships skills as well.

"When it comes to communicating effectively, you need a person who can relate. Laurie Brown really understands the concepts and her delivery will keep your audience looking for the next nugget."
—ROMMEL MOMEN, Marketing Talent Development Manager, Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.

Choose Laurie Brown for Business Communication Skills Training

For effective communication in the workplace, count on Laurie Brown for outstanding training programs. She'll help your team develop exceptional business communication skills to keep your operation running smoothly. Her presentations are excellent for breakout sessions at a conference or results-driven in-house training.

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