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Miscommunication in the Workplace Survey Results

| Laurie Brown |

After reading a disturbing study by The Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU) that stated  that 44% of respondents  indicated that miscommunication has caused a delay or failure to complete projects. It was clear that miscommunication in the workplace is a huge issue.
That lead me to create a poll in LinkedIn about miscommunication.

I asked what, in your experience, the number one factor that leads to miscommunication in the workplace?
1. Communication platform: email, phone, in-person, slack, zoom meeting, etc.
2. Communication styles
3. Assumptions or missing context
4. Other (share in comments)

During my 30 years working in this space, I have noticed although there is an increase in communication, there is also an increase in communication issues. These have created challenges with co-workers and clients, missed deadlines, incomplete work, difficult relationships, as well as increased stress in teams.

The 1st step is the awareness that communication issues exist, and where it is affecting your bottom line. (if you have questions on how to do this effectively, feel free to reach out)

In this 8 page report, I cover the the results of our recent survey on  Miscommunication in the Workplace, and  go into detail about what you can do to prevent it.

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