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Author: Laurie Brown

Laurie Brown has over two decades of experience as a trainer, coach and speaker, helping her audience improve their leadership, presentation, sales and customer service skills. In that time she has earned a reputation as a highly engaging, fun and effective professional, whose work gets results for her clients. A key asset that Laurie brings to her work is her range and depth of experience. She has an international clientele, having worked on four continents and numerous countries including the UK, Panama, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Australia and Thailand, and throughout the United States and Canada. Laurie has worked with culturally diverse audiences at all corporate levels, and her clients have included Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small family-owned businesses. Her clients include Accenture, IBM, KPMG, Great American Insurance, Ford Motor Company, among many others. Laurie is passionate about providing engaging training and coaching that makes a difference. She is the author of The Greet Your Customer Manual, The Teleprompter Manual and Brand-aid.

Managing work conflict effectively

Managing work conflict effectively is a crucial skill for any manager. Here are some tips to help you navigate tricky situations and foster a harmonious work environment: Before the conflict escalates: Promote...

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Presenting to Executives Benefits

8 Benefits of presenting effectively to executives.   If you currently are making presentations to Executives, learn the 8 benefits of presenting effectively to executives and the C-Suite. ...

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The "Curse of Knowledge"

He was the smartest boss I ever had. As a matter of fact, he was brilliant. And for the most part, he was a great communicator. But he suffered from something called the "Curse of Knowledge." As smart...

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Stop Giving Feedback Sandwiches

Let's look at why you need to stop giving feedback sandwiches. Feedback sandwiches, also known as the "compliment sandwich," are a popular method for delivering feedback in the workplace. The idea...

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