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James Feldman, Health Care Customer Service Speaker

James Feldman, health care customer service speaker
  • How do you know if you could use the services of a healthcare change management advisor? 
  • Are you a living, breathing adult? 
  • Does your healthcare organization exist to create an exceptional patient experience? 

If you can answer in the affirmative to either of these questions, you could learn something from Jim Feldman. Feldman has worked as a transformation leadership advisor for over 35 years, consulting both patient and customer experience, brand and product launches and marketing, both smaller organizations as well as for Fortune 500 companies. He's authored the books Shift Happens!®Celebrate Customer Service – Insider Secret Book, and Thriving on Change in OrganizationsD-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® and over a dozen other books. He's also appeared as a sought-after keynote speaker teaching audience members how to put themselves in the driver's seat – of their lives, their careers, their patients and customers, and their finances.

Named one of Incentive Magazine's top motivators, Jim owns his own performance improvement company, James Feldman Associates, Inc. James Feldman provides insightful solutions to current business problems for clients, helping them discover new opportunities using existing resources.

Over the years, Jim Feldman has worked with an incredible range of clients: from Northwestern Hospital, Clear Choice, Cardinal Health, U.S. Department of Defense to Verizon, from Toyota to Apple, from the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization to the PAWS Chicago humane organization. His experience runs deep, but he routinely holds true to the same ideas, helping each organization take advantage of the resources they already had, but oftentimes didn't even realize were available, utilizing methods such as the re-engagement of talents, resources and energy already in the organization.

In fact, since 1981, Jim Feldman and his associates have offered to consult targeted to a limited number of high-quality engagements. The firm specializes in consulting to the healthcare, hospitality, automotive, direct selling, restaurant and fast foods, and real estate industries. Feldman's work is collaborative, involving client workforce and assets and the transfer of skills to the assigned personnel.

Feldman's spans coasts and countries. He has presented programs on behalf of the Mexican Tourism Board, the San Juan Convention and Visitors Bureau, Hyatt, Marriott, and Ritz Carlton. He has spoken on almost every continent, to every size organization, to advising healthcare providers, suppliers, and medical organizations. Recently he was the highest-rated speaker at the Large Practice Eurology Association as the only presenter that was not a medical practitioner.

Feldman has won every major marketing and promotion award possible for his clients. In light of Feldman's consulting and marketing successes, the average observer would be forgiven for thinking consulting to be his passion, when, in fact, Jim Feldman prefers to operate as a keynote speaker. Feldman delivers speeches to corporate executives and motivational groups, helping individuals apply the same successful tenets to their lives as businesses do to their company policies.

He inspires audiences, giving them the insights to do it make their own changes. More than the tropes of an average motivational speaker, Jim's stories of his incredible weight loss and financial gambles prove to be backdrops for truly transformative and empowering speeches. Jim lays out his belief that success comes from turning problems into opportunities, and shows readers how they can make it happen for themselves.

"I view the world from a unique perspective," says Feldman. "I have thrived behind the scenes as well as failed in a very public marketplace. I have experienced success and failure in both my business and personal life. Everybody is looking for control, to learn how to shift their own life." His customized presentations are for anybody who's struggling right now in the shifting marketplace. "I'm not a motivational speaker, I'm a transformational speaker, and my books are not self-help books. They are about how to think, not what to think."

"Your motivational presentation and discussion of the importance of patient experience was informative and delivered with effective case examples as well as a wonderful sense of humor and enthusiasm. As I listened to the comments after the session and reviews the evaluation from such a diverse group you were a tremendous success. We are very fortunate to have you working with us to fulfill our mission."

Vice President, March of Dimes

"Your refreshing words and insights on the power of attitude, patient experience, and courage sprang to life through your solid and compelling examples. The use of movie and television scenes was not only entertaining but supported each and every principle we need to bring to these 'change' situations that really make the difference. Thanks for your book, your Shift Happens pins and helping our organization put Shift into perspective."

Vice President, IMS Health