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Improving Customer Service Positively Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your customers have the power to rave about you or boldly complain on Facebook, Twitter, etc. How will your company fare? Is it time for improving the customer service experience you provide? When your team knows how to deliver exceptional service, your business grows. Give your employees and managers the training they need to exceed customer expectations and stand out from your competition.

If you think simply satisfying their basic needs is good enough, think again. Companies like Zappos and Nordstrom are all about the customer service experience and have set the bar in their industries very high in their industries. In Laurie Brown's energizing and interactive customer service courses, your people will discover essential skills such as:

  • Understanding customers so well, you deliver what they want and need
  • Appealing to each individual with personalized service
  • Communicating with customers warmly and avoiding the word "No" by telling them what you can do, not what you can't
  • Making the required steps easy for your customers to follow

Improving customer service requires mastery of a series of skills and Laurie covers these and more in her programs. She'll help your team learn to communicate clearly with customers so they understand what is said and what they need to do. Showing sensitivity and concern for the customer's feelings and point-of-view goes a long way for building trust. The same is true for being agreeable and coming across as genuinely wanting to be of assistance.

Additional good customer service tips include keeping your energy positive to satisfy customers and being adaptable to respond to varying customer personalities. Learning how to best greet customers on the phone and in-person helps you build rapport and trust. Returning phone calls or emails on the same day is a given for exceptional customer service.

"Thank you so much for helping make our management training session such a success! I have received a lot of feedback from the team and have to say it was our best in memory. Today I can see the extra "jump" in the step of our managers who left feeling listened to. You ENGAGED them and that made a world of difference between a meeting and a productive work session. We left with a working mission statement and a focus on how to make it "come to life" and for your assistance I sincerely thank you, again. "
—ALAN GRAHAM, General Manager, World of Erhard

Hire Laurie Brown for Improving Customer Service Skills

Laurie's training sessions get your people focused on establishing or improving customer service skills. As they interact with customers from a positive place of meeting their wants and needs, trust and loyalty will be earned. Her high-energy and interactive programs work great as breakout sessions or in-house training and can be tailored as well.

Contact Laurie Now at (248) 761-7510 for Customer Service Sessions that Build Your Bottom Line.