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Inclusion & Workplace Diversity

Courageous Dialogue: Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

inclusion and diversity

Organizations do not succeed in making change by simply watching a video or taking an online course. As organizations realize the need for Inclusion and Diversity in the workplace, it is important to choose a program that offers courageous dialogue, practical solutions and applications to identify and address Unconscious and Racial Bias. A program that will promote awareness and true learning through dialogue to give employees and managers the tools to create meaningful and long-lasting change. A program that will lead to a boost in company morale and performance, as well as create an inclusive environment.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for Inclusion & Workplace Diversity Training.

This course is ideal for leadership and teams that want to create an inclusive workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define Unconscious Bias and understand how it affects every employee within an organization
  • Identify the most popular forms of Bias and how they can affect our beliefs and actions, creating self-awareness
  • Recognize how unconscious bias can lead to racial bias
  • Describe Micro Inequities and Micro Aggressions and how they can affect company culture
  • Demonstrate understanding of Equity vs Equality
  • Examine where bias may affect the organization's employees and clients
  • Develop Strategies and Actions to start break down bias in the workplace
  • Identify potentials for bias in the workplace and to practice courageous conversations using appreciative inquiry to address bias

We will customize this program or coaching session to address your wants and needs.

Follow-Up Activities

  • Resources and videos available for further reflection
  • Follow up course available to dive deeper with business simulation role play
  • Focus group activities available to identify specific areas that need to be addressed
  • Continued coaching available to monitor progress and insure successful change

Length can be customized from 2 to 4 hours if virtual, Half day and Full day options if in person (a minimum of 3 hours is recommended to allow for practical application of tools).

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for
Inclusion & Workplace Diversity Training.

This class is taught by Anja Lee.

Anja Lee

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