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Anja Lee Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator

| Laurie Brown |


Anja Lee is a diversity and inclusion Facilitator Anja Lee Diversity Trainerand Executive Coach, Anja Lee brings over 20 years of learning and development experience.  Anja is multinational, multicultural, and multilingual, bringing a unique global perspective to her clients, which includes all levels of individuals within an organization, from new hires all the way up to senior executives

Anja's experience includes facilitating many diverse programs, both on a virtual platform and in person, across many industries in the US and overseas. From Unconscious and Racial Bias, Diversity Awareness and Equity and Social Justice, to Leadership Development, including Emotional Intelligence, DiSC Behavioral Styles, Situational Leadership, Communication and Presentation Skills, to Sales and Management Coaching, Sales Process, Customer Experience,  and Team Building,

In addition to coaching and facilitating, Anja has worked in both Customer Service and Sales in the UK, The Netherlands and the US.  From small group skills-based trainings, to large conference size leadership groups of over 300, as well as one-on-one Coaching and Business Simulation Role Play, Anja brings a diverse background and dynamic style.

Anja values relationship, bringing energy and empathy to her practice, with a passion for unlocking thinking and unleashing potential.  She believes in an experiential approach, giving participants a "hands on" interactive session allows them to take ownership and gives them the tools they need and the ability to apply what they learn to the workplace.

Clients include La Leche League International, Coca Cola in partnership with the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Equitable Dinners, Fresenius Healthcare, Hiscox Insurance, ECFMG and the National Board of Medical Examiners, KPMG, United Airlines, FTI and Cadillac, to name a few.

Anja is a native of New York, and now lives with her family in Atlanta, Georgia where she enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew. Anja speaks Dutch fluently, as well as a little bit of Spanish. Her hobbies include world travel (she has visited 50 countries and 47 states), and performing in Shakespeare productions. Here is a link to her workshop.

To see what clients are saying about Anja and to watch a training video clip, please visit her LinkedIn Profile: