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Time Management Assessment

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Are you wondering how good you are at time management? Take our simple assessment and see where you stand. We will also give you some actionable tips to improve. If you know how you or your team manage time and would like help, we have a great interactive workshop for you. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 (Needs Improvement) to 5 (Excellent) for each statement.

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Time Management Attitude (5 questions)

1. I believe I have control over how I spend my time.*
2. I am motivated to be productive and efficient.*
3. I find it easy to set goals and deadlines for myself.*
4. I am comfortable saying no to additional commitments when I am overloaded.*
5. I believe that managing my time effectively is crucial for achieving my goals.*

Analysis and Monitoring (5 questions)

6. I regularly track how I spend my time (e.g., time logs, to-do lists).*
7. I can identify my personal time wasters (e.g., social media, distractions).*
8. I realistically estimate the amount of time needed to complete tasks.*
9. I review my progress toward goals and adjust my approach as needed.*
10. I am flexible and can adapt to unexpected changes in my schedule.*

Procrastination Management (5 questions)

11. I break tasks into smaller, manageable steps to prevent procrastination.*
12. I reward myself for completing tasks on time or ahead of schedule.*
13. I actively seek strategies to overcome procrastination.*
14. I set deadlines for myself to avoid procrastination.*
15. I regularly reflect on the reasons behind my procrastination habits and work to address them.*

Priorities (5 questions)

16. I am clear on what my most important goals are.*
17. I can effectively prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance.*
18. I am able to delegate tasks when appropriate.*
19. I avoid multitasking and focus on one task at a time.*
20. I can say no to requests that don't align with my priorities.*

Time Management Image (5 questions)

21. I am often perceived as reliable and meeting deadlines.*
22. People see me as organized and efficient.*
23. I see myself as in control of my time and workload.*
24. I rarely present as overwhelmed or stressed due to time pressure.*
25. I see myself as having a good work-life balance and time for personal activities.*

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