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Presentation Skills Programs

From Knowledge to Impact

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What Clients Are Saying:
“Throughout my career both military and civil service, I have had opportunities to receive different types of presentation training. The Technical Presentation Skills Class outshone them all. The techniques presented not only met the class needs but they were down to earth easy to use. The difference between everyone's first presentation and their last presentation was amazing.

It was not only the course but the instructor was excellent. She had a passion for the training and she made you feel it. I went into the training to sharpen out my skills and walked out with so much more. The presentation tips and briefing organization tip will greatly improve my next briefing and any future presentations ”

—MICHAEL MERCADO, Environmental Protection Agency

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You are an expert. You have spent years honing your skills and knowledge. When it is time to share your expertise with an audience, whether it’s made up of peers, potential customers, or lay people, you will need to be able to translate technical information into a presentation that educates, moves and motivates your audience.

Most of the work you do day in and out is based on systems. And you know that unwanted “noise” and “clutter” disrupts the performance of even the most carefully calibrated system. It’s true in the work you do, and it’s particularly true when it comes to communications.

Unintended noise and clutter in your presentations can turn an understandable, impactful message into something muddled and confusing, leaving your audience scratching their heads instead of nodding in agreement.

This course is ideal for anyone who needs to make presentations, either formally or informally.

Learning outcomes

  • Overcome signals of nervousness
  • Develop dynamic vocal quality
  • Demonstrate non verbal communication best practices
  • Analyze your audience
  • Deliver technical information so that everyone understands your message
  • Create powerful PowerPoint presentations
  • Summarize how to effectively use visuals

Presentation Skills Topics

  Relaxation. If you are like most people, you may feel anxious when presenting. Learn the skills needed to overcome this feeling including relaxation breathing, positive self- talk, isometric exercises, preparation and power poses.

Outcome:You will have useful and easy-to-remember tools and techniques to feel confident and relaxed while presenting.
  Body Language. We are always communicating whether we intend to or not. Experience how people perceive you as credible or approachable through your body language. We look at body posture, facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact to help improve your presentation skills.

Outcome: You will learn how to use non-verbal communication to create the impression of credibility.
  Vocal Techniques. Your voice is an important part of your presentation. The proper use of tone, range, articulation, power, pace and pausing, has a huge impact on how you are perceived.

Outcome: Learn how to use power, tone, range and articulation to further people’s impression of you as credible.
  Best Use of Visual Aids. Too often PowerPoint is an eyesight test rather than a useful visual aid. Research in brain science has taught us effective ways to deliver your message with visual aids for the greatest impact. Whether you use PowerPoint, Flipcharts or white boards, there are many effective, simple-to-learn techniques that will help you improve your presentations.

Outcome: You will learn the tricks to make PowerPoint come alive and deliver your message in a way that will be remembered.
  Creating a Dynamic Presentation. Understanding who your audience is will help you craft a presentation to meet your objective. In this section we look at audience analysis, concept mapping and working with a clear objective.

Outcome: You will learn methods for organizing your thoughts and ideas into a compelling presentation.
  Storytelling for Business. Stories are a great way to explain technical information. Being able to explain complex ideas through stories can impact your audience and improve comprehension.

Outcome: You will learn techniques to create stories that move people to action.
  Audiences Attention. Unfortunately, one rarely starts a presentation with100% of your audience’s attention. Often they are consumed with their own issues and will need to be engaged to get their attention. Using compelling impact statements will insure that you have their full attention.

Outcome: You will learn how to grab and keep your audience’s attention from the start.
  Presentation to Different Groups. Presentations are not one-size-fit all. Your technique will need to change depending on the size of your audience, whether they’re seated at a table for a meeting or sales call or participating virtually using Skype, Webex, TelePresence, or by phone.

Outcome: You will learn how to adjust your style and material to meet the needs of your unique situation.
  Handling Questions. Answering your audience’s questions can be quite stressful. Learn the best ways to answer questions that you know the answer to, that you know the answer but need time to think through, questions you don’t know the answer to, and questions that are off topic. Also, learn about the best time for questions.

Outcome: You will learn how to answer questions in an effective manner.
  Dealing with Difficult Audiences. Audience members can be difficult in a variety of ways. They can range from participants who are glued to their cell phone, to side-talkers, to de-railers and hecklers, to name a few.

Outcome: You will learn how to handle even the most difficult participants.

Hire Laurie Brown to Improve your Technical Presentation Skills

Working with engineers for the past thirty years taught me how much your business depends on designing and delivering presentations with lasting impact. Hire Laurie to help your people communicate your products, services in an effective manner. Her proven Knowledge to Impact System helps your engineers communicate with impact.

Contact Laurie now at (248)-761-7510 for Technical Presentations Skills Training.

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