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Presentation Skills Programs

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What Clients Are Saying:
“Laurie has been a great coach and tremendous help in improving the quality of my presentations. The use of practice sessions / video tools as well as current best practice training were well balanced and supported the learning process.

Her openness and honesty as well as willingness to assist in many complementary areas (effective video/teleconferencing, tone, posture, stress management etc.) made her a real pleasure to work with. She has made herself available to support and provide feedback on day-to-day issues/questions during our time together.

I fully recommend and endorse her services. ”

—JOE DIZAZZO, Regional Chief Executive, Latin America Crafts at Coats

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As a leader you need to be able to communicate to employees and clients in a way that moves them to action. This program will be customized to meet your specific needs to help you achieve your goals.

This course is ideal for leaders who want to communicate persuasively.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how your body language can impact your message
  • Recognize the importance of a vocal tone that shows you are credible
  • Distinguish how to be perceived as credible and trustworthy
  • Identify attributes that describe your personal style
  • Discuss which type of communication is most effective
  • Demonstrate specific ways to move people to action
  • Create dynamic presentations
  • Develop ways to use your natural strengths

We will customize this program or coaching session to address your wants and needs.


Presentation Skills Topics

  Listening Skills for Leaders. Being able to listen productively is a needed skillset for leaders.

Outcome: You will learn a listening model to help you listen more effectively.
  Building trust. In their book The Trusted Advisor, Maister, Green and Galford wrote about this simple formula for building trust:

[C+R+I] + [Self Interest] = Trust

We will work with this formula as a basis for trust building.

Outcome: Skills to build your credibility, reliability and intimacy (rapport).
  Vocal Techniques. Your voice is an important part of your presentation. The proper use of tone, range, articulation, power, pace and pausing has a huge impact on how you are perceived.

Outcome: You will learn how to use body language and gestures to create the impression of credibility.
  Leading a Dynamic Meeting. Your ability to lead a productive and dynamic is key to your leadership. In this segment we will look at rules and ideas for making your meetings more productive.

Outcome: Your team meetings will be something people will really want to attend.
  Tech Talk Translation. Making sure that your communication is understood means that you may have to translate your message depending on your audience.

Outcome: Your communication will be effective no matter what level of understanding of the person to whom you are speaking.
  Develop EI. Leaders need to have a high Emotional Intelligence. Learn how to increase your self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy and social skills.

Outcome: Your Emotional Intelligence will increase along with your ability to lead.
  Communication Channels. Whether you are speaking in person, on the phone or through email, you want to make sure that you are communicating in a way that inspires and creates action.

Outcome: You will discover tips and techniques to communicate in each medium.
  Presentation Skills. Learn how to be a dynamic presenter and move your team to action. Body language, tonality, PowerPoint creation and delivery will be covered.

Outcome: You will have a comprehensive knowledge of presentation creation and delivery.


Hire Laurie Brown to Improve Executive Presentation Skills

Working with Laurie to strengthen your executive presentation skills will dramatically impact how you appear as a leader and persuade people to take action. Her proven executive presentation skills coaching helps you build confidence, feel more comfortable and communicate with greater ease.

Contact Laurie now at (248)-761-7510 for Executive Presentations Skills Training.

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