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Managing Stage Fright - Relaxation Techniques

Managing Stage Fright

Many people wonder about how not to be anxious when presenting. In fact, this is the number one issue that people come to me for help.
So how do you deal with nervousness? Take a look at the following videos—they may be helpful in learning how to present without being anxious. This guide to relaxation can also be downloaded here.
You can manage your stage fright using these three simple techniques

1. Positive self-talk: Try to reframe your anxiety by thinking of it as excitement. Tell yourself that you are a confident            presenter. Using these techniques to reprogram your brain for success can lead to amazing results.

2. Breathing: Three good abdominal breaths will lower your heart rate, decrease your blood pressure and bring oxygen to your brain.

3. Muscle tensing and releasing is another great technique. Start with your toes by tightening them for five seconds and then releasing them. 
    Continue up your body, tensing and releasing muscles.

You really don’t need to be anxious when presenting. Try these simple techniques and let me know how it works for you.

1 signals of fear button
Managing Stage Fright - Video #1

2 breathing button
Managing Stage Fright - Video #2

3 muscle tense button
Managing Stage Fright - Video #3