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Presentation Skills for Executives Are Key for Effective Leadership

As a leader, your executive presentations skills are fundamental for success. You need to make the most of your efforts to communicate with your people and convey important messages. Whether updating your staff on company changes or persuading them to achieve new goals, your executive communication skills make all the difference.

Laurie Brown will customize Presentation Skills for Executives skills training for each leader so you focus on exactly what is needed to hone your skills. The goal is to ensure you are eloquent and persuasive, all the while appearing comfortable in your skin. That's how you portray confidence that allows your staff to see you as a credible leader.

You will learn how to craft key messages that are a big part of executive presentation skills. If you make technical presentations this is essential. From organizing your thoughts to grabbing attention quickly, Laurie will help you develop a presentation that holds the listener's interest and then move them into action afterwards.

Find out how to use body language and tone of voice, as well as build rapport. Laurie will touch upon all of these aspects of communication skills with her coveted executive presentation methods.

In addition, you'll discover how to provide feedback that lands well, is embraced and then acted upon. Find out how to follow and speak with a teleprompter so you look as confident and polished as newscasters and show up as a leader employees can trust and respect.

"Laurie has been a great coach and tremendous help in improving the quality of my presentations. The use of practice sessions/video tools as well as current best practice training was well balanced and supported the learning process. I fully recommend and endorse her services."
—JOE DIZAZZO, Regional Chief Executive, Latin America Crafts at Coats

Hire Laurie Brown to Improve Presentation Skills 

Working with Laurie to strengthen your executive presentation skills will dramatically impact how you appear as a leader and persuade people to take action. Her proven executive presentation skills coaching helps you build confidence, feel more comfortable and communicate with greater ease.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for Presentations Skills  for ExecutivesTraining.

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