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Outstanding Presentation Skills Compel, Influence and Persuade

Executives, leaders and team members all need effective presentation skills to be effective in business. Whether you are speaking at a conference or running a team meeting, you need to organize your thoughts and grab people's attention. Plus, you need to be conscious of non-verbal cues and body language to come across with as masterful and confident. Presentation skills training will help you make presentations that compel, influence and persuade.

Organize Your Thoughts – What message do you need to convey? When you organize your thoughts properly, you will craft a well-composed message that is easy to understand and remember. Start by knowing the outcome you want. What action do you need listeners to take after hearing you speak? Then open with a bang and close with a call to action to drive results. Laurie simplifies the process to organize your thoughts.

Grab Attention Quickly – How do you wake people up, get their attention and keep it? If you don't grab the audience's attention with your opening, you may not fully communicate the important facts and message you intended to share. Discover how to capture the listener's interest and hold on to them from the first word until the last.

Use Body Language and Tone of Voice – Everyone reads body language even if not fully aware they are doing it. Your non-verbal and vocal cues can make you appear confident and at the top of your game or nervous and ineffective. Learn the moves and tone of voice that ensures you make a solid first impression and finish with impact.

4 Empowering Presentation Skills Programs

1. Presentation Skills: Are They Snoring in the Back Row?
How do you create a program or speech so unique and compelling that people can't help but listen and respond? Laurie helps clients speak effectively and feel relaxed at the same time.

2. Technical Presentation Skills: From Knowledge to Impact
In any technical position (scientist, engineer, medical professional, etc.) you need to present complex information in an engaging way so your audience understands and responds. Learning and applying our proprietary Knowledge to Impact System ensures your message will be well-received.

3. Presentation Skills for Executives: Speak to Lead
Executives must influence their people with presentations that move the audience into action. Find out how to construct your message to build rapport listeners, project confidence and mastery, inspire and spark activity.

4. Presenting to Executives with Confidence

We have designed our highly interactive and transformative presenting to executives workshop to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a masterful presenter when presenting to the C-Suite.

"Laurie, you are getting rave reviews for today's workshop! Even people who are cynical about such things said they were totally engaged and learned so much from your content and technique. Thank you so much for making this a success!"
— Jackie Brusilow, Wilson RMS

Hire Laurie Brown for Content-Rich, Fun, Interactive Programs on Presentation Skills

Count on Laurie for presentations skills training including PowerPoint tips that delivers results. No matter what level of speaker or how much experience you've had, working with Laurie will polish your skill set to make your presentations more persuasive and impactful. Her sessions are ideal for breakout sessions or in-house training.

Contact Laurie now at (248) 761-7510 for your next event or training session.

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