How to Create a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

The very best PowerPoint presentations rely on simple design, few words and straight-forward visuals. It's a powerful tool for making presentations when used correctly. Common mistakes include too many words on a slide, multiple colors and fonts, and complicated visuals. All of this becomes distracting to the audience that won't help make your point or persuade people.

Keep Your PowerPoint Presentations Super Simple

Laurie shares her tips in three basic areas to create the best PowerPoint presentations that communicate well and move the audience into action.

1. What fonts to use in PowerPoint:

  • Select a primary font that is clean and easy to read
  • Choose a secondary typeface for headlines and bolder messages
  • Use upper and lower case type

2. What colors to use:

  • Select up to three colors and use them consistently
  • Dark colored backgrounds with bright letters are best
  • Use red and orange sparingly to add energy and interest
  • Green, blue and brown are mellower for base colors

3. What visuals should you use in Professional PowerPoint:

  • Communicate only one concept per slide
  • Use brain science to make your slides more easily digested.
  • Use the same style of art for all visuals to create a uniform look

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With Laurie's help, the best PowerPoint presentations will come together easily whether you have just one important speech to make or need to create a new one every week. Anyone from the executive level to team members will benefit from her training.

"Laurie is an outstanding presenter. She is relaxed, poised, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the art of presenting in a business setting – all important qualities for a coach. Moreover, her sense of humor, dedication, and flexibility make her a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Laurie to anyone in need of consulting in the area of instruction, facilitation, or presentation."
— Karyn Patterson, Triad

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