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  • Laurie Brown, author and communications coach

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Presentation Skills Guides

Are You Looking for the Best Presentation Skills Training for 2023?

Our highly interactive and transformative Presentation Skills Workshops for 2023 are designed to help you improve your ability to present with impact. Our workshops can be delivered in person or virtually. Whether you have a hybrid team that is located across the globe, or a team that wants to have the training delivered at your office, we have a workshop to meet your needs.

How to Create a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

The very best PowerPoint presentations rely on simple design, few words and straight-forward visuals. It's a powerful tool for making presentations when used correctly. Common mistakes include too many words on a slide, multiple colors and fonts, and complicated visuals. All of this becomes distracting to the audience that won't help make your point or persuade people.

How to Improve Presentation Skills to Keep Listeners' Attention

Ready to grab your audience's attention and keep them engaged to convey your message? Work with Laurie to learn how to improve presentation skills. In the business world, you need to deliver a dynamic, high-impact presentation to successfully communicate. Discover proven methods to connect with and engage your audience.

Managing Stage Fright – Relaxation Techniques

Many people wonder about how not to be anxious when presenting. In fact, managing stage fright is the number one issue that people come to me for help. It has been said that public speaking is people's number one fear. If you experience anxiety you are in the majority.

Outstanding Presentation Skills Compel, Influence and Persuade

Executives, leaders and team members all need effective presentation skills to be effective in business. Whether you are speaking at a conference or running a team meeting, you need to organize your thoughts and grab people's attention. Plus, you need to be conscious of non-verbal cues and body language to come across with as masterful and confident. Presentation skills training will help you make presentations that compel, influence and persuade.

Presentation Skills for Executives Are Key for Effective Leadership

As a leader, your executive presentations skills are fundamental for success. You need to make the most of your efforts to communicate with your people and convey important messages. Whether updating your staff on company changes or persuading them to achieve new goals, your executive communication skills make all the difference.

Technical Communication – Translate Knowledge for a Clear Message

As an expert in your field, you have a deep well of knowledge and skills. When it comes time to share your expertise, building your technical communication skills ensures you convey the information in a way that your audience understands. Regardless of whether your audience consists of peers, potential customers or lay people, you need to translate technical information into a presentation that educates and motivates your audience.