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Top Customer Service Skills List Your Employees Must Master

If you are looking for an essential customer service skills list, you found it! When your team only manages to satisfy customers, you are behind the eight ball because that is not nearly enough to succeed.

Today your customers have to rave about you and share their happy stories on social media so your company stands out. This is totally possible. More than anything, your customers just want communication with your people to be personal, nice, and easy. That's not hard at all when you know how!

Customer service skills
Follow these tips for great Customer Service.

In Laurie's training, your team will learn to master these eight essential areas from the customer service skills list so your customers are thrilled with their interactions and motivated to share about your company. Their testimonials are like gold for convincing new prospects to hire you or buy from you.

  1. Communication: To clearly communicate with customers so they understand what you are saying and what they need to do.
  2. Customer Sensitivity: Representatives need to demonstrate empathy and concern for your customers' feelings and viewpoints.
  3. Agreeability: When your people are agreeable, they make decisions to help customers get what they need.
  4. Energy: Representatives need to portray a high level of vigor, alertness and attentiveness to satisfy customers.
  5. Adaptability: Your employees adapt their style to respond to customer needs and varying personalities.
  6. Accountability: Representatives must fulfill promises and commitments in a timely and responsive manner for stellar customer service.
  7. Accessibility: Your employees need to return phone calls and emails before the day is over to ensure great customer service.
  8. Affability: Your employees greet customers quickly and warmly both on the phone and in person, making a caring and outstanding impression.

So there you have it – the customer service skills list and tips that help you turn up the dial on service excellence. Train your team to build and use these skills so your company's customer service reputation outshines the competition.

"I cannot tell you how thankful I am that…we chose [you] to conduct our staff training. Throughout the years, we've provided professional development opportunities to our caregivers. Your presentation is, by far, the best we have experienced! You utilize all of your strengths in the presentation— your humor, compassion and vision are what make you so successful in what you do!"
—TAMMY KARMON, The Curious Kids Program

Hire Laurie Brown for Customer Service Skills Training

If your goal is to improve customer service in your company, work with Laurie to train your staff. She will run them through all eight of the qualities from the customer service skills list so they know exactly what to do and excel at building rapport and making your customers happy. Laurie's program is perfect for breakout sessions at your next event or in-house training.

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