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The Best Customer Service Courses For 2024

Laurie Brown's customer service courses deliver the results you need to retain customers and grow your business. Today, keeping your customers satisfied is not enough – they have to love the customer experience so they share it with friends on social media. Never underestimate the enormous power of story-telling and how your customers' comments about your company can impact your bottom line either way. Customer service courses will build loyalty.

7 Results-Driven Customer Service Courses

Laurie covers a big list of customer service skills in her results-driven training. With her high-energy and interactive presentation, she'll inform and inspire your team to build strong relationships with your customers. Providing customers with the kind of experiences they want, need and expect gets them talking about you to their friends and on social media, spreading the word about your company.

1. Customer Service Excellence: From Good to Great

When you engage with your customers with warmth and ensure their experience is positive, you build loyalty now and into the future. The point is to give them a customer service experience that delights them. Learn the best way to greet people, warm and effective telephone skills, and techniques to deal with difficult people. Best practices and good customer service tips will also be covered.

2. Public Sector : Great Customer Service Still Matters

Customer Service for the Public Sector makes a difference even though you don't have competition. Improving customer service skills is essential for good business and good government. Discover how to greet customers, handle difficult people and deliver superb service every day in this empowering customer service workshop.

3. Front Desk

Customers often make decisions about your business because of the way they were greeted. Whether you are a medical office, a legal firm, a manufacturer, a hotel, or any business office, you need the people who first meet your customers to represent your business in a positive way, ensuring that your customer's initial experience is a good one.

4. Automotive: Driving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Now that customers can buy and service their vehicle from almost anywhere in the country, exceptional service is a must. Loyal customers are worth every minute you put into them since they represent the majority of your business. Discover how to wow people and earn their trust and loyalty in Laurie's customer service seminars.

5. Library 

Libraries are changing. Library customers have greater needs and expectations, while reductions in funding continue to be an issue. Educating people about the benefits of libraries and advocating for their continued support is essential.

6. Law Firm 

Every touchpoint—each time a client interacts with your firm—gives you the opportunity for them to become more devoted to you—or have them walk away. All of the client touchpoints are the foundation of your brand. We recommend you do an audit of all your client touchpoints. Click here for our Touchpoint Audit Worksheet.

7. Health Care 

Every interaction the patient has with your office has an impact on how they feel about your practice, so everyone in your practice needs to provide an exceptional experience for the patient and their family.

"Thank you so much for helping make our management training session such a success! I have received a lot of feedback from the team and have to say it was our best in memory. Today I can see the extra "jump" in the step of our managers who left feeling listened to. You ENGAGED them and that made a world of difference between a meeting and a productive work session. We left with a working mission statement and a focus on how to make it "come to life" and for your assistance I sincerely thank you, again."
—ALAN GRAHAM, General Manager, World of Erhard

Hire Laurie Brown for Outstanding Customer Service Courses

Choose Laurie for training sessions that turn your team into a top customer service group that wows your customers and builds long-term loyalty. When you interact with people from this place of meeting their wants, needs and expectations, you make a powerful positive impression. Programs can be tailored to suit your business and industry and are impactful as breakout sessions or in-house training.

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