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How To Overcome Barriers Of Communications

Communication seems simple doesn't it? But often people don't realize there is an issue and need help overcoming communication barriers to be understood. Let's look at the biggest obstacles and how to conquer them.

6 Common Communications Barriers

  1. Assumptions
    One of the biggest communication blocks is the assumption that you understand what the other person is saying. People often leap to conclusions based on their own experiences and interpretation. Sometimes you don't even realize you are not talking about the same thing.
  2. Tech Talk, Jargon, and Acronyms
    People and organizations use acronyms and jargon to speed up communication between peers. However using these short cuts with people outside your department or organization makes it difficult for them to understand your message.
  3. Distractions
    Today distractions are more prevalent than ever. Your computer and smart phone not only beep and ring, but also vibrate when messages and emails come in. Other distractions include visual stimulation, accents, lack of language fluency, irritating non-verbal cues or tone-of-voice.
  4. Emotional Barriers and Taboos
    Some people may find it difficult to express their emotions and certain topics can be completely "off-limits" or taboo. Cross-cultural communication can be challenging, but overcoming communication barriers is completely possible with greater awareness and training.
  5. Expectations and Prejudices
    People often hear what they expect to hear rather than what is actually being said. In addition, jumping to incorrect conclusions is a frequent communication problem. The listeners' expectations and prejudices can lead to false assumptions, stereotyping and difficulties in being understood. Overcoming these communication barriers is essential for providing exceptional customer service and dealing with difficult people.
  6. Cultural Differences
    Norms for social interaction and expressing emotions differ greatly by culture. For example, the concept of personal space varies greatly between cultures and even within social settings. These differences must be understood to communicate well.

The Best Solution for Overcoming Communication Barriers

The single most effective way to overcome communication obstacles is to improve listening skills. Learning how to listen, listening more than you speak, and asking clarifying questions all contribute to a better understanding of what is being communicated. You can also learn about cultural and social differences to rise above them, as well as to discover how to minimize distractions in non-verbal cues.

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