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  • Laurie Brown, author and communications coach

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Communication Barriers Prevent You from Conveying Your Message

Sharing your thoughts seems like it should be simple, but often it isn't. So many things can interfere with your message and form communication barriers. George Bernard Shaw said it best, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

Cross Cultural Communication is Vital for Global Business Success

We now operate in a global economy, and deal with people from different countries all the time. A good understanding of cross-cultural communication is needed to succeed in a world-wide business. You have to be able to clearly communicate no matter whom you're meeting with. Here are five cross cultural communication strategies that will help you be more effective and avoid offensive errors.

Dealing with Difficult Customers? Laurie Brown has Solutions!

Dealing with difficult customers at work can be very stressful for even the most skilled employees. No matter what type of problem your customers bring to the call, Laurie Brown has a surefire solution and method to handle the situation and break through communication barriers.

Fear of Public Speaking Can Be Overcome by Reframing Thoughts

You have probably experienced the fear of public speaking. You get up to present before a group and your heart starts racing. Maybe your face flushes or your stomach jumps. Your breathing changes and you forget what you want to say. There are literally hundreds of "signals" that are brought on by your fear. You are not alone because being afraid of public speaking is the one of the biggest fears people have.

Overcoming Communication Barriers to Easily Relay Your Message

Communication seems simple doesn't it? But often people don't realize there is an issue and need help overcoming communication barriers to be understood. Let's look at the biggest obstacles and how to conquer them.