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Communication Skills Assessment

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This assessment is designed to help you evaluate your communication skills strengths and weaknesses. Think about both written or spoken communication.

Clear Communication (4 questions)

1. Does my communication convey my message clearly?*
2. Is the structure and flow of the message logical and organized?*
3. Are the main points easily identified?*
4. Are any technical terms or jargon properly explained or defined?*

Complete Communication (4 questions)

5. Does the message provide all the necessary information for the audience to understand and act upon it?*
6. Are any important details, steps, or context missing?*
7. Does the message address potential concerns or objections?*
8. Would the recipient need to ask follow-up questions to understand fully?*

Correct Communication (4 questions)

9. Is the grammar, spelling, and punctuation accurate?*
10. Are all facts, figures, and statements accurate and true?*
11. Are there any contradictions or errors in the message?*
12. Have sources been properly cited or credited if applicable?*

Concise Communication (4 questions)

13. Is the message free of unnecessary repetition or filler words?*
14. Can any unnecessary words or phrases be removed without losing meaning?*
15. Is the message conveyed succinctly without unnecessary elaboration?*
16. Is the message free of unnecessary repetition or filler words?*

Compassionate Communication (4 questions)

17. Does the tone come across respectful and professional, even in potentially disappointing situations?*
18. Has consideration been given to the recipient's perspective or context?*
19. Does the language avoid insensitive, biased, or judgmental statements?*
20. Does the message demonstrate empathy and understanding?*

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