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Customer service tip

Customer Service Tip: The Importance of Being Known

| Laurie Brown |

You walk into your favorite diner and your waitress Judy, says, "I saved you a piece of your favorite chocolate cake". Or your mail lady, Sharise, says "How's Danny?" (your son who moved away from home 8 years ago). Or your bartender, Sam, calls out "Your regular?" Or your dry cleaner, Mark says "Hey Eric, hows it going?" A powerful customer service tip is to know your customer.

Every time a service provider remembers your name, your favorite food or drink, your kids, or anything else about you, they are saying "You are important to me. I appreciate your business, and more importantly, "I know you."

Often we do business as strangers with strangers, so that when we are known, it really stands out.

If, as a customer, you are known by a business, do all you can do to help keep them in business.

If you are in business, do all you can do to "Know" your customer. If you have a good memory you are in luck, if not, use a crm (customer relationship management) system to keep important information about your customer at your finger tips.

This is even more important in this difficult time dealing with Covid. Your relationships with your customer has a huge impact. A local beloved business in Michigan Ray's Ice Cream was in danger of going out of business. Their loyal customers created a go fund me and raised $52,000 in 24 hours. 

What do you do to let your customers know that you know them?

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